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of widespread damage. and seconds ago, three deaths are reported in indiana. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. terrell brown is in new market, alabama for the very latest. >> reporter: meteorologists believe it was a tornado that shredded these homes outside huntsville, alabama. >> devastating. it's heartbreaking. don't really know what to think, to tell you the truth about it. >> reporter: the first round of friday's wicked weather tore off roofs. meteorologists believe it was the work of at least two tornadoes. each with winds of around 130 miles per hour. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: from louisiana to ohio, from missouri to south carolina, golf ball-sized hail fell. and damaging winds pulled down trees and power lines. tens of thousands of people are without electricity. >> forecasters warn conditions are likely to get worse, especially after sunset. >> this is just going to be an unfolding event for the rest of the day. i would say if you have to run an errand, go ahead and do it now. and make sure you're back within the next couple of hours. >> reporter: warm air from th
henryville, indiana, where residents have a new problem to contend with. snow. >> reporter: utility crews are working to restore power. downed power lines and gas leaks are the biggest concerns. at this high school worker -- workers use heavy equipment to scoop up the wreckage. courtney cummings is a freshman. >> i want to be there. i want to see my teachers, my friends employ. >> reporter: school has been canceled for at least the rest of the week. >> reporter: work crews and businesses are wasting no time cleaning up henryville. and insurance companies can be seen all around town, getting the claims process started. >> it's going to take a long time to rebuild. but this is a great community. and there's a lot of hope here. we're going to get through it. >> reporter: angel babcock is the storm's rescue. she died two days later. her father, mother, and two siblings also died. in north carolina, a tornado sucked 7-year-old jamal stevens out of his home and threw him hundreds of feet toward a nearby interstate. >> the top half of the house, when it came off, it took him with it. and he was
news. blown away. a twister sends a bank slip flying from indiana. where it was found. >>> i'm ron matz in fells point. a makeover for a lady. we'll have the story coming up here on wjz. >>> i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. cooler temps after some rain. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. >>> here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it has been part of baltimore for more than a quarter century. the lady maryland is a living classroom, providing a hands-on education experience for thousands of students. ron matz reports, the famous schooner is ready to set sail once again. >> reporter: under this cover, in fells point. the crew works to restore the lady maryland. for four months, the boat has undergone extensive repairs. >> the boat comes out every year for a week or two. but we've never had her out for four months at a time. it's been a great opportunity to catch up on some other big projects. >> reporter: they've pulled more than 4,000 galvanized boat nails. >> we knew they were coming to the end of their life. but we were kind of
legal duties. >>> at least two are dead after a school bus crash in indiana t front of the bus crashed into a support pillar for a bridge killing the driver and one child at least a dozen others were hurt, two critically, the students on the bus are between 5 and 16 years old, no word yet on what caused the crash. >>> dozens of car owners in pennsylvania wake up to quite a sight they found their cars smashed outside the damage was done by a suspected drunk driver a man sped through the mount washington neighbourhood slamming into several cars, the impact was so hard it pushed one car over a hillside, police did arrest the driver. >>> campaign 2012 the focus is alabama and mississippi, tomorrow voters in those states will go to polls to choose their candidate for president in the gop race. it is a critical day for newt gingrichs campaign. >> reporter: rick santorum is down playing expectations the day before alabama and mississippi hold their primary. >>> the other campaigns have been in here running longer than we have and spending time here before we did. >> reporter: he is still maki
into action including new mexico state against indiana. right now, tournament action is continuing. u.n.c. asheville and syracuse. do you believe in the way this game has come around? >> kenny: i really believe that when you play that zone you allow inferior teams to stay in the realm and that's what syracuse did. they've got confidence. you don't turn the ball over. >> kenny: you knock them down and the confidence level shoot through the roof. >> charles: i agree with you, kenny, as long as you are in the zone you're going to get good shots and you make the shots. >> greg a.: the i think the real issue is that kris joseph and scoop jardine are not having much impact on this basketball game. >> ernie: it is on tru-tv. a 58-54 game and we'll keep you up to speed. meantime, long beach state and new mexico. the 5-12 match-up in portland, oregon in the west regional, and it's the lobos by a deuce over the beach with just a few ticks left in the first half. are the other game harvard and vanderbilt. 16-12 vanderbilt lead. >> kenny: i thought that was 1200-1600 s.a.t. >> we've gone back and
landed tuesday. >>> an indiana school bus outruns a tornado. angel perry was driving 11 students home after they were dismissed early. nearly three miles away from the school, perry decides the weather is bad and turns around. radio recordings shows she gets the students off, minutes before the bus is carried away. >> everybody, stay together. our group together, right now. go, go, go. >> go, go, go. >> one, two, three, four, five, 6, seven. eight, nine. come on. 10, 11. go, go, go. >> just three minutes later; the bus is blown away and crashes through a restaurant. none of the children were hurt. >>> people around the country, including those here in maryland, are waiting for transplants. a local group is rallying, to give them the gift of life. >> reporter: mondawmin mall is a setting for life-civing efforts. the group is trying to encourage more people to become organ donors. >> just to give a mother a chance to see her baby grow. a father a chance to see his child walk down the aisle. another person take another breath. it's important as a community. >> reporter: murray, who is a
: a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids. she lost one leg above the knee and the other above the ankle. >> i was holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them. i had two steel beams on my legs, and i couldn't move. i was stuck. >> reporter: and a man in missouri got something precious back. >> i gave this to my wife 10 years ago. i just kept digging and digging. and all of this here. i called her, she was crying. >> reporter: kentucky senator says fema has started damage assessment in the hard hit town of west liberty. >> we'll try to help these folks rebuild their lives. >> it claimed 45 lives in five states. >>> an avalanche causes problems for folks on a ski resort. you can't see it, but dozens of people were actually on the lift when the avalanche struck. luckily they all got off and no one was hurt. >>> in tonight's health watch, how many times has this happened to you? you're trying to make smart, healthy choices but you're in a hurry? >> reporter: nutrition labels are everywhere -- soups, cereals, and salad dressing
about the birds. fort wayne, indiana. and the old adage still sticks from way back then. that pitching is 75% of the game. with that said, in our masn on wjz orioles spring training report, pitchers make up over 50% of the birds' roster, down in sarasota, florida. maybe some nuggets will fall out of the bunch? who will respectively pull out the pen. he's now entering his 7th campaign as a birds reliever. he provides veteran leadership in the clubhouse. knowing this, not feeling it when it comes to showing the youngsters the way. >> i think all of us kind of have some sort of leadership quality, whether it's, you know, they have two or five or 10 years. i mean, we all kind of pick each other's brains. we all try to help each other out. so we're all moving in the right direction. there's not maybe one key guy yet that has really stood out. i mean, there's some guys that definitely maybe have more ears than others. so -- you know, it's a position that, you know, i have no problem helping out at. >> last season, johnson went 6- 5, with nine saves. his e.r.a., 2.67. and he did finish second
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